Become an affiliate of Padgett Business Services to increase revenue for your tax services company.

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Bolster Your Small Business Tax Practice

As the owner of a tax practice, you must be proactive in order to keep up with market changes, technology and your clients’ needs. Staying on top of new regulations is critical for any tax business to truly serve its clients. From this challenge to growing your customer base, revenue and profitability, you need someone to support your efforts in improving and solidifying your business.

Enter Padgett Business Services®, a provider of tax, finance, compliance and payroll services to small businesses. A local, affiliate-based organization, we rely on tax professionals like you to meet the needs of business owners across the country.

As a Padgett affiliate owner, you’re able to bolster your business with:

  • Tax support services that help you provide the best possible assistance to your clients
  • State-of-the-art software that streamlines your processes
  • Greater opportunities to grow your client base, increase your revenue and maximize your profitability

Continue to build upon your success and learn more about your growth potential as an affiliate of Padgett Business Services®.

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“Today’s environment is changing so fast and has too many risks to go at it alone.
That’s why I chose to partner with Padgett.”

Doug Burson, Padgett Affiliate

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